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I am here today sharing my re-design of a mid-century desk using several of the  IOD Vintage Art Decor Moulds along with two of their absolutely breathtaking Clear Stamps Decor.  The process is laid out for you step-by-step for an enjoyable DIY experience.

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This desk re-design was as easy as 1,2,3….

Not really….but it sounds good!  In all honesty it was not difficult at all! And I promise that ANYONE can do this! I will show you step by step (and maybe too many photos) how you can do this yourself.

Here is a list of all products used:

I purchased this desk from a friend who was liquidating her sweet daddy’s estate. She was thrilled to know that I would dress it up and that it would be treasured by my client (who I will introduce you to at the end of this post). It was manufactured by Drexel in the mid 70’s with quality construction! You can see the leather inset top here….which I have painted over others just like this many times without any issues when using the right products!   


I chose to cover the entire piece with a light layer of Shellac to help block any present tannins. (photo below on the left). I did not want bleed through, which often happens even with the use of a good primer. This especially happens when painting with lighter colors of any chalk type paint.…which was the re-design plan here.

IMG_5903 IMG_5904

I then applied Vintiques Ultra Guard Primer by Heirloom Traditions Paint to help block any dies that were most likely present in the leather. This primer is a fabulous product! I did not use it over the entire desk as I planned to distress in the end and I didn’t want the white exposure. However….had it been neccessary (maybe becuase of excessive tannin bleed) to cover the entire desk with primer I could have mixed the primer WITH my paint color and this would have worked well too. I just did not need that sort of coverage with this project.


I then applied my favorite Vintiques color of the moment…which is Tiffany. It is a gorgeous blend of aqua with a green tint to it that allows it to move into the “turquoise” family….or as this client referred to it….robins egg blue. It is a playful color yet not too juvenile. If you are looking for the perfect lighter turquoise…..give it a try…you will love it! It is also the base of my popular Mermaid Chair (if you missed that post you can see it here). The Heirloom Traditions Paint company has such a dreamy paint product! The coverage is fantastic, it requires no prep, it self levels beautifuly, adheres like a magnet, is all natural, and made right here in the USA!


I applied two full coats of Tiffany blue. I then chose Vintiques Chantilly white to color in the three panels on the desk top. I use a small brush to cut-in…and then fill in the rest of the space with a larger brush. Again, I applied two full coats.


I then trimmed out the desk with the same Chantilly white.


Including the center of the gorgeous tapered spindle legs.


I then chose to accent every single “square piece” on the desk with my number TWO favorite paint color…..Marilyn’s Lipstick by Heirloom Traditions Paint. It is just this happy “makes you want to eat it” yummy bright pink paint that is not “in your face” but still commands your attention.


I needed to sand these squares now as I have plans for the squares….and need the distressed look before I can move forward. The Heirloom Traditions paints distresses with such ease! This step took less than 2 mintes for all of the pink on the enitre desk!


And look! How gorgeous are those layers? (I think I may have forgot to mentiont that when I painted all the trim in Chantilly….I also painted the squares white…for this exact layered look. The dark that you see is the original wood peeking through…I love it!


I wanted to add a little bit of a feminine flair to this desk. My client is a baby nursery and childrens room designer….and this desk will be used in her studio. I wanted to appeal to that clientele with a bit of unexpected whimsy.

I chose to use the silicon moulds by Iron Orchid Designs. These moulds can be used with any form of clay or even chocolate and fondant as food moulds! You can see here how easy it is to make these moulds with the IOD Paper Clay. You simply press the clay into the mould, level out the back, remove any excess, and remove from tray.

IMG_5963 IMG_5967

You simply cannot mess this up! It is so simple and fun! It makes me feel as if I am in preschool again playing with playdough! And the results are fabulous!!! I have so many plans for these moulds!


While they were drying I made several of the flowers using the same process. Look at the detail in this mould….they have such a “high end” look to them!


I set the flowers aside and chose the long mould you see below. I planned to cut the mould in half to accent each side of the knobs that I had purchased for the desk.



I wanted to adhere one flower to the center of each square that I had already distressed. I used Gorilla glue for this. I applied it liberally to the back of each flower and pressed lightly to the desk surface.


My moulds were not dry…it is not necessary to wait for them to dry….and I move fast so this excited me. I lighlty pressed it to the desk and wiped away any excess glue with my finger.



Here we have a nice little row of raw appliques sitting atop every lovely Marilyn’s Lipstick square (ok…so its a rectangle).


Now the angels are a little different story. I was using one on each side of the desk…and the desk sides are curved! So I glued AND taped to desk to ensure the appliques dried with the curve to them. I just used your good ole basic scotch tape.


I then glued the appliques that I had cut in half to the drawer fronts and then left them all to dry overnight. Had it been earlier in the day I think I could have begin painting them within an hour…the overnight wait was excessive…but a girls gotta sleep sometimes!


The next day I was ready for my favorite part of the design. The whimsicality (made up word) of the black and white stripes! I love black and white stripes!!! They anchor! They frame? They accent! They blend! They just rock my world really! Zadie’s art room has black and white striped walls! I painted my other daughters dining room in black and white stripes! I paint them on every piece of furniture that I possibly can!


So the white trim base coat was already in place. I poured just a bit of my favorite black paint…..Raven by Vintiques….it’s black velvet in a jar! And “OH YES I DID“! I painted freehand every single stripe around the desk the top! You can do this! I promise! Look closely at the picture below and check out my little finger resting on the edge of the desk. This keeps your hand steady! Use a new brush with sharp edges…and move quickly. If you hesitate…you wiggle….just DO IT! And the beauty is…its “painted by hand” right? It is not expected to be factory perfect! Once you finish…and step back to look at it…you overlook all the little imperfections!


Check out the difference below! Geez! No brainer…right?

IMG_6157 IMG_6160

Black and white striped trim deliciousness!

I couldn’t stop the whimsy there…..I KNEW from the get-go that I was going to take the black and white onto these gorgeous legs! Check it out…..no comparison! Boring to BAM!

IMG_6162 IMG_6164

So the appliques are all in place…and adhered beautifully! Its time to paint them. You may wonder why I didn’t paint them before I glued them. I wanted to paint them ON THE desk so paint would actually have a chance to settle in the gap between the desk and the appliqué itself. This would help it to appear more cohesive and not appear as an after thought.


Look how gorgeous they are. And this Heirloom Traditions paint worked with these appliques SO WELL!!! ONE coat was all they needed.


All of the appliques have been painted and are now drying annd I am about to venture into an arena I have never even peeked my head into!!!! STAMPING! (well….I’ll admit it was my first time to make moulds too..LOL). I chose IOD Decor Ink in Soft Black. I had been advised by my good friend Heather of Thicketworks as she is a stamping queen! Check her gorgeous work out here if you haven’t already. She creates some crazy-wicked stuff! She suggested I use a non-pourous surface to roll my ink onto my brayer (new tool for this girl). I used an acrylic tray and VERY LITTLE ink (as in this bottle will last you a life time!). I then rolled the brayer through the ink and was ready to roll it on the stamping surface of the stamp I had chosen for the project.


I chose the jumbo Persephone stamp by IOD (bummed out but it is not available for purchase just yet). This stamp is so gorgeous and loaded with detail. The package offers a mirror image of the architectural element (left and right) which was perfect for my project. The stamp is clear and has a sticky side that is supposed to adhere to the IOD stamping block (THAT I DONT HAVE…so I had to improvise). I used a clear acrylic artist palette. Heather explained it was helpful for it to be clear so I could see exactly where I was applying it before I actually pressed it onto the surface of the desk. So below you see one side of the persephone litterally stuck onto my artist palette. I then rolled my brayer lightly across the exposed (non sticky) side of the stamp….and was ready for a trial run.


(I rarely trial run anything….this is a monumental moment).

Well lookie there!!!! Below! Look what I did??? Oh yes ma’am! I’m a stamper! LOL! One trial under my belt…..let’s do this!


I walked right over to that desk….rolled a tad bit more ink over the stamp….looked throught that clear acrylic and pressed right down into my Chantilly white paint and my heart was beating so fast I could hardly breathe freaking out like OMG what have I just done! I gave firm pressure as advised by my stamping queen friend and then carefully lifted it straight up!


And would you look at that!!!! How gorgeous is that??? I am stunned at the detail! And the ink literally soaked right into that chalk type paint as if they were meant to be together forever!!!!! I was so excited that I could barely think straight…and I needed to…becuase i needed to do this same thing SEVEN more times on this same surface!


And I DID!!!!! Mmmm Hmmm! I sho’ did! Can you say “FANCY just got real FANCIER”?


Again….compare this! No brainer! Let’s keep it clean folks….but DAY-UM!

IMG_6167 IMG_6170

So with all of that excitement….I couldn’t stop! I HAD to try out the IOD Friffery Clear Stamp on each side of the desk. What the heck is “friffery” folks? I haven’t a clue! But it look reeeealllly good on my clients desk!!!!


As if all of that excitement isn’t enough….we had one last bit of glam…..the addition of GOLD! I wanted just a touch…so I used my little bottle of go-to gold leaf paint and my finger tip to just brush the gold onto each applique.

IMG_6183 IMG_6180


I then brushed the gold onto the tips of each leg and the large rounded part at the top of each leg.

IMG_6175 IMG_6176

I even added a touch of gold to each stamp on the top surface.


The project is almost complete…but it looks to perfect! I wanted a slightly shabby feel to the piece. This always warms a piece up for me. It gives it even more dimension and adds a touch of “I’ve been loved” which I like a lot! So I lightly distressed all edges and trim. Below you can see a drawer with and without distressing. What looks best is entirely subjective!


But I almost alwasy choose “lightly distressed”. I find such beauty in the layers as shown below.


And here it is!!! Isn’t she gorgeous?? She is protected in two coats of Vintiques Satin Top Coat. I apply this with a brush and it goes on smoothly with aboslutely NO yellowing! I did dry the ink of the stamps using a heat tool….to make sure there would be no smearing of the ink when applying the top coat. It went over the ink beautifully without any smearing!







Below are photos of all Iron Orchid Designs products used…….And a quick introduction of my client Sherri, the founder of Jack and Jill Interiors…and the brave soul who gave me full artistic rights to the creation of her desk (and she is an artist herself so that says A LOT!).

31-e6oqKt0L 31tNLx727wL 31XPyv1FTEL 51Pj6a1VUHL 81kYHKD2dBL._SL1500_ 316Mp3q0MUL

Meet Sherri Schuchart…..


Sherri is the creative genius behind Jack and Jill Interiors. She has an adorable design studio located in Pennsylvania…along with a nationwide clientele. She has 17 years of design experience in creating memorable nurseries and childrens rooms. I am honored to have worked with her on this project.  I have no doubt we will work together again in the near future. This desk was designed specifically for this studio you see below…and I can’t wait to see photos of it in its new home! Thank you Sherri!

12011206_10153188257950773_5510279651917149308_n 12308729_10153327366620773_8657532571895077095_n


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