Quick and Easy DIY Seat Cushions

– Seriously, this has to be one of the simplest updates one can do!


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Hello, Iron Orchid Design friends! It’s Heather from Thicketworks, and I’m so pleased to be here with you today!

I’m constantly on the prowl for cast-offs that need some love…I know you know what I mean.

These two dated chairs were sidelined like Wallflowers at the Prom, til I spotted them and heard them whispering:

“Take us home…we have so much potential. Just a little help from you, and we’ll be the Belle of the Ball…”

How does one resist such charm? I wouldn’t know – didn’t even try!

Quick and Easy DIY Seat Cushions | Iron Orchid Designs Decor Stamps

The dated and frumpy finish was the first item of business, and that transformation is detailed HERE, if you’re interested.

However, our concern today is with that lackluster seat cushion fabric. What can be done?




If you haven’t got your hands on the Iron Orchid Design Decor Stamps yet,

you will be as happy as I was to discover:

  • They’re HUGE – there just aren’t any other stamps on the market with this impact
  • They’re excellent quality
  • The motifs are PERFECT for Home Decor (and paper-crafting too!)


For this project I wanted a bold focal point.

The “Fleur” Collection has an amazing Damask Floral – just what was needed.

The stamps mount onto the acrylic stamp block, making it easy to align your images.

Note: I chose to use both the IOD block + another acrylic block in order to have a bit more control, but it’s not necessary.

01 DIY-Decor-Seat-Covers-Thicketworks-for-Iron-Orchid-Designs-Supplies

I didn’t have access to a dry-foam stamp pad, and perhaps you don’t either.

A simple ceramic tile and brayer works beautifully with the Decor Ink.

Just shake the ink thoroughly, and spread a small line onto your tile.

Use the brayer to spread the ink and coat the roller completely.

02 DIY-Decor-Seat-Covers-Thicketworks-for-Iron-Orchid-Designs-Brayer-Ink

Transfer an even coat of ink to the surface of the mounted stamp with the brayer:

03 DIY-Decor-Seat-Covers-Thicketworks-for-Iron-Orchid-Designs-Brayer-Stamp

Position the motif on the fabric, and press.

Allow the ink to contact the fabric for several seconds, and press all over the top of the acrylic block to ensure an even transfer of ink:

04 DIY-Decor-Seat-Covers-Thicketworks-for-Iron-Orchid-Designs-Stamp-Fabric

Carefully lift off the acrylic block, and admire the gorgeous motif!

05 DIY-Decor-Seat-Covers-Thicketworks-for-Iron-Orchid-Designs-Stamp-Results

Add additional elements to your design:

06 DIY-Decor-Seat-Covers-Thicketworks-for-Iron-Orchid-Designs-Stamp-Second-Motif

We could leave it like this…so pretty!

07 DIY-Decor-Seat-Covers-Thicketworks-for-Iron-Orchid-Designs-Stamp-Completed-Motifs

But hey, more is MORE! A final floral flourish along the lower edge completes our graphic design.

08 DIY-Decor-Seat-Covers-Thicketworks-for-Iron-Orchid-Designs-Stamp-Three-Motifs

Note: for ease of clean-up, gently scrub the stamps, ceramic tile and brayer with warm water and liquid detergent or IOD Stamp Cleaner before the ink cures.

Allow the stamps to dry, then replace them in the packaging to keep them clean and ready for the next transformation!

Allow the fabric to dry thoroughly, then staple your seat covers in place:

09 DIY-Decor-Seat-Covers-Thicketworks-for-Iron-Orchid-Designs-Completed-Chair-Cushions

Our little Wallflowers are ready to Waltz into their new home!

10 DIY-Decor-Seat-Covers-Thicketworks-for-Iron-Orchid-Designs-Completed-Chair-Cushions-Installed

I couldn’t be happier with the results, or with the ease of this project!

11 DIY-Decor-Seat-Covers-Thicketworks-for-Iron-Orchid-Designs-Completed-Chair-Cushions-Installed-I

Thank you for visiting Iron Orchid Designs today.

 I hope you feel encouraged to try your hand at using the Decor Stamps – you’ll LOVE them!

12 DIY-Decor-Seat-Covers-Thicketworks-for-Iron-Orchid-Designs-Completed-Chair-Cushions-Installed-II

Until next time,


P.S. visit Thicketworks for a world of quirky and bizarre projects and techniques! The door is always open…usually because of the fumes from Mad Scientist experiments!

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