Many of you have been asking when our next workshop will be…. well

Josie and I are going to be traveling to Ireland, hosted by the beautiful and talented Ursula Winters of Nook!

We could not be more excited and we’re hoping that you guys can join us! Ursula has priced this two day event reasonably so that all who want to come may be there. We have gals coming from all over the world to have some delightfully messy, creative play time together and you really don’t want to miss this. We don’t want you to miss this. Here is a wee little video ( already practicing my Irish vernacular?) of our last event to give you a taste of the rich time we have with our fellow creatives at our workshops!

There are still spots available, but don’t wait to long! Here are some snippets of the projects- ( Ursula would like to keep the entirety of the project a secret 🙂



The workshop is scheduled for October 16/17 2017 in Trim Ireland at the Bellinter House ( seriously, it looks JUST LIKE IT SOUNDS! ) take a peak:


Ok, for ALL the details and to sign up follow this link:


P.S. We will be sharing NOT YET RELEASED PRODUCTS at the workshop for all to play with! I will also be teaching a breakout session on staging and photography for your finished pieces!!