Where can I see your full array of products?

Click HERE to see our unpriced catalog pages. Click HERE to go to our manufacturers website and browse our products.

Where can I buy your products?

If you look on our website HERE you’ll see the full array of our product line up! We’ve had several releases and that is our most recent catalog.

We always urge people to please support your local shops first, if they carry it! You can use our retailer finder HERE.  It benefits them, but it’s also a benefit to you as they can help answer questions and give you encouragement and inspiration with your new IOD tools and products! We also have a list of online stores which can ship right to your door. For a list of those stores simply click HERE
Also, be sure to sign up for our newsletter because that’s where we announce new products, feature stores and have awesome tutorials using our products! To do that click HERE

Do you sell Wholesale? How can I be a retailer?

YES! Please contact Adrienne Garcelli Email: adrienneg@primamarketinginc.com Phone: (909) 627-5532 x214  . She is our ACCOUNTS MANAGER and RETAILER SERVICES GURU!

We are so excited about getting you set up with our products, and believe your customers are going to adore them. There is so much potential for classes as well! Be sure to follow us on Instagram, pinterest and Facebook (Also, you’ll get an invite to our exclusive IOD retailers only Facebook group!), and sign up for our newsletter HERE, so that we can keep you looped in about new products and share projects and techniques!

I registered as a retailer, but haven’t heard back?

Please Contact Adrienne Adrienne Garcelli Email: adrienneg@primamarketinginc.com Phone: (909) 627-5532 x214  and she’ll take care of you right away!