Where do you live?  In the beautiful New England state of Connecticut.

How would you describe your style?  Eclectic/Grungy/Joyfully Odd!

How long have you been creating in this arena?   About 5 years

When you arent feeing creative, what do you do to get back into a groove? Since dedicating my life to Creativity, (and kicking Perfectionism to the Curb!) my thoughts are constantly seething with ideas. BUT, if I were to hit a dry spell, I’d trust that the font of inspiration is patiently waiting for me to focus my attention on the wonder that surrounds us: the flight of a bird, the sound of the wind, and the starry night sky…

Do you struggle with perfectionism or are you more of a “get started and see where it takes me” kinda gal?   I’m a recovering perfectionist, thank goodness! Nothing will stop the flow of joyful creating faster than the Voice of Perfectionism, so it’s not welcome ‘round here. I love to dive in and experiment, allowing the process to take on a life of its’ own. That doesn’t mean I don’t put effort into making the most of each project: it means I’ve learned that nothing will ever get accomplished if I allow the fear of mediocrity to infect my precious consciousness.

Of all of your projects can you recall one that just made you beam with satisfaction? Show us! My very first ambitious  Mixed Media creation was this treasure box, created for our 15th wedding anniversary. It was then that I realized that magic can be made with very humble materials, thoughtful design and love…

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