Where do you live?

McPherson, Kansas

How would you describe your style?

I would say my style is definitely farmhouse.  I love all things that are chippy white and a little rough around the edges.  I am always channeling my inner “Joanna Gaines.”  If I can bring out the inner beauty in something and give it a second chance, then I feel like I’ve accomplished a great deal.

How long have you been creating in this arena?

I like to think that I’ve been creating all of my life.   I was doing craft shows 25 years ago.   My creative style has certainly changed over the years but  I feel like I have found my  niche  and sharing what I love to do with you all is a dream come true for me.

When you aren’t feeling creative, what do you do to get back into a groove?

I absolutely love to dig in the dirt.   I always say that gardening is my therapy  and anytime I need a time out  for a little inspiration, getting my hands dirty in the garden is where you’ll find me.

Do you struggle with perfectionism or are you more of a “get started and see where it takes me” kinda gal?

I usually have a vision for a project but not really a plan.  I like to just jump in and see where it takes me.  Some projects have to be scrapped while others turn out better than expected.  I’ve learned that you can’t be afraid to make mistakes.

Of all of your projects can you recall one that just made you beam with satisfaction? 

I was lucky enough to be able to salvage  wood from my grandparents’ 100+ year-old farmhouse before it was torn down.  I’ve been using the wood for different projects here and there.   Some I’ve sold and some I’ve kept.   My favorite is a large bathroom mirror frame that I designed for our house  using the old wood.  The pieces are rustic and imperfectly perfect.  For me it’s  a huge reflection of all the memories that were so special to me as a child in that farmhouse and I love being able to incorporate it into something that I get to look at every day.

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