Stockist Terms and Policies

First things first. These are our policies. They are very, very, very, important to us. Think of them like the steel framework onto which we sculpt our business model. That’s how important they are. If one of our stockist team members does not uphold one of the pieces of the steel framework, we are all affected. If it affects our ability to walk out our business model effectively. Our business model is part of the foundation that allows us to support independent businesses with both feet firmly planted where our heart is- with YOU, our independent stockists. We have forsaken the big box store and online megastore path, and committed ourselves to you. We expect that you will honor our agreement (and that’s what this is my friend) with your commitment as well. So, we are asking you to read these carefully, and count the cost, before clicking “agree”. Thank you for honoring our community by giving this the mindfulness that it deserves. You must read and click agree to each item before you will be taken to the application page.


In order to ensure that all our stores are well-stocked, we require a $1500 for opening orders for B&M/Booths. If you own multiple stores the initial purchase is $1500 for the first store and $200 per additional store that you want to sell IOD products in. It is essential that you do not sell products in a store that is not an activated IOD location to protect other IOD stockists who may be in that area. Your account is not activated for that store until the initial order has been placed for that store. Opening orders for Online Only stockists will vary as you are required to carry the entire line.


Our territory protection begins with a 10-mile radius and may go up to 20 miles depending on the variables.

Variables we take into consideration include the location and health of the existing store ( i.e. sales volume, product range, education program), population density, drive time, and many other variables for a territory. We will handle this at our discretion and on a case-by-case basis. Our purpose is to maintain product availability for end-users and to avoid sales cannibalizing between stockist locations.

Because of territory protection- if a stockist applies and is approved as an online store only, they are required to only sell IOD items through their website. They are not permitted to sell in any form other than shipping orders that were made through their website, in order not to infringe on the territory of a brick and mortar or booth in their area.


Iron Orchid Designs will provide an MSRP and MAP ( Minimum Advertised Price ).

Stockists are permitted to offer limited discounts to their customers on the current collection of IOD products. This includes anything that is not a retired or a First Gen design.
Discount parameters:
  • Can NOT result in a price that is more than 20% below MSRP
  • May be offered for no more than seven consecutive days at a time (Sale dates need to be listed with specific sale dates)
  • Should happen one time (or less) per quarter with a maximum of four times (or less) per year
Discounts include but are not limited to percent off sales, coupons, and loyalty programs that result in reduced prices on products.
The intent behind this policy is to maintain the brand reputation as a premium product, encourage a healthy marketplace, and limit undercutting among stockists.


To maintain an active IOD account, it is our policy that stockists do not carry or promote (on social media or otherwise) competing products. This does not mean brands, but rather specific products that compete directly with our products, for example, large scale transfers intended for décor, molds intended for décor, large scale stamps intended for décor, erasable liquid chalk.

The purpose of this policy is to protect the integrity of our business, as well as our stockists', and to limit market confusion.

If this policy is not adhered to, the stockist will be contacted and risks the possibility of being dropped.


To be an authorized IOD Stockist you must currently have a brick and mortar storefront, a booth within a larger storefront location. If you have a brick-and-mortar or booth, the location must be open with regular business hours. Applications to sell from one's home without a website will not be accepted. At this time we are not accepting stores that only sell on Facebook or other third-party sites.


To sell IOD online you must have an independent domain, owned by you, that is currently live with a URL and an active shopping cart. Applications to sell or promote on third-party sales sites will not be accepted. Active stockists may not sell or promote IOD on any unapproved 3rd party sites.

To be approved as an online stockist and be on the IOD list of online stores, the stockist must carry the entire line of IOD products and have them listed on their website (in addition to other terms and policies). This includes support products.

Online stockists are permitted to sell online ONLY (unless also approved for a retail location) and must make sales only through their website. They are not permitted to hold in-person workshops as they do not have a territory and must not infringe on others.


Returns must be made in writing via the contact form within 7 days of delivery date quoting invoice number and reasons. No returns are acceptable without IOD’s prior approval and delivery instructions for transport. Shipping will be charged unless it is stated otherwise.

Please email us with details of the product prior to returning it.


IOD accepts credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express). Payment is required at the time your order is placed.


Shipping is in addition to your cost of goods. Due to unusually high shipping costs, we're currently adding a 2% surcharge to all orders.


Please inspect all shipments immediately upon arrival. Please contact IOD via our contact form within 5 days of receipt of damaged or defective shipments. Returned merchandise will be replaced with new merchandise. Returned merchandise will not be accepted if it is held for more than 15 days after receipt.


Please allow at least 10-14 days from the time of your order for the completion of items that are in stock. Larger orders and orders with out-of-stock or pre-order items may require more time.


Approved stockists may bring and retail IOD products to markets/shows that are within their territory (i.e., there is not another stockist closer to the show location). Stockists may bring and retail IOD to shows outside of their territory no more than twice a year. If a stockist brings IOD to a show/market where there is another stockist closer to that location, they must include the local stockist's business cards at their booth, to connect customers with the nearest stockist.


IOD hosts a stockist locator on our website. Locator inclusion is based on our criteria and should not be assumed. Such criteria include but are not limited to: Shops with consistent hours which are manned by approved IOD Stockist or their direct employee and shops that have ample stock and range of IOD products.


All prices are listed in US dollars. Prices are subject to change without notice.


If an account is inactive for 3 months or more, or if an account does not meet our yearly minimum requirements that account is deemed inactive, subject to re-evaluation and removal in order to allow someone else to serve the territory. Please be sure to keep your account active. If your account is closed you will need to reapply for that location and meet any new ordering requirements in place including minimum order requirements. We will not reach out prior to offboarding. It is the responsibility of the stockist to ensure that your account is up to date.


The names Iron Orchid Designs, Iron Orchid, IOD Transfers, IOD Stamps, IOD Moulds, IOD, and all other names that may be adopted by Iron Orchid Designs in the future will be referred to as “Iron Orchid Designs Trademarks” and are the sole property of the company

As an IOD stockist, you may use the trademarked names to identify yourself as a stockist, describe products on your website, in digital and print marketing materials promoting your business, and in social media posts. However, you may not host, moderate, or own any domain name, email address, social media group, social media page, or social media username using the Iron Orchid Designs trade names, company name, or any other name that may be confused with or suggests Iron Orchid Designs sponsorship thereof.