IOD Product Highlight! Decor Stamps™ Classic Wreaths!

Hello today lovelies! So glad you popped over to read our latest post. We’ve decided to write a series of posts highlighting each product from our new Summer 2018 release. First up is Classic Wreaths.



Our first Build A Wreath set was so popular and had so many uses we decided we needed to continue this design and offer it in a classic more traditional style. This Decor Stamp™ is awesome used on chalk boards, linens, furniture, pillows and more. Take a look at some of the things we’ve used them on:



One thing I love about the Classic Wreath Decor Stamps is how you can use them as wreaths, or simply create a paranthases shape to emphasize signage or word art on a chalk board. You can also decide what size you need your wreath to be and make it work for your project! So many design to choose from ALL ON ONE SET! Such a VALUE!

And here is what it will look like on the sheet:


Here we show you how it works by connected the wreath strip quarters:

And here is where you can find a store near you that carries them

[wpsl template=”default” map_type=”roadmap” auto_locate=”true” start_marker=”dark-green” store_marker=”dark-blue”]

And if you don’t have a store near you ( which is beneficial because they have workshops and can help assist you in using the IOD product line!) you can find one of our FABULOUS online stores in your state or nearby!



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  1. Sabine Hohlfeld on June 16, 2018 at 11:57 pm

    Tolle Ideen, leider können wir dies nicht umsetzen, weil kein Laden in der Nähe und überhaupt hier zu finden ist????

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