DIY Wooden Stockings Featuring the IOD Winter Adornment Stamp

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The holiday season is just around the corner, and what better way to bring festive cheer to your home than with personalized wooden stockings? In this step-by-step guide, Sweet and Sassy Treasures will show you how to make your own wooden stockings complete with lettering and beautiful designs from our Winter Adornment Stamp. All you need are some basic materials and a bit of creativity.

Materials Needed: 




White paint

Typesetting Stamp Set (or other IOD lettering stamps) 

Winter Adornment Stamp

Thin Mount

Black Paint

Baby Wipes

IOD Brayer

Stone Gray Ink

You can grab IOD supplies from your local stockist.

DIY Wooden Stockings Featuring the IOD Winter Adornment Stamp

Sweet and Sassy Treasures

Step 1: Cutting and Glazing the Stockings

Cutting the Plywood: Start by sketching out your stocking shapes on ½-inch-sanded plywood. Then, cut out stocking shapes using a jigsaw.

Applying Glaze: Once your stocking shapes are cut, apply a coat of glaze to each piece. To add visual interest, stagger the direction of the stockings; some should face left while others face right. Let them dry completely. 

Step 2: Adding a Whitewash Effect

Preparing the Paint: Dilute some white paint with water to create a wash.

Painting: Apply the whitewash over the glazed stockings. This will give them a rustic, weathered look.

Step 3: Stamping the Lettering

Choosing Words or Names: Decide on the words or names you want to stamp on your stockings. I chose “tidings of comfort and joy,” but you can do anything you like, including children’s names!

Placement: Carefully place your letters on the wooden stocking, following the contour.

Stamping: Press the stamps onto the wood with a thin mount. If your letters are shifting or falling off, wipe the back with a baby wipe to ensure better adhesion. Load your stamps with black ink using a brayer; you want good coverage but no dripping. Stamp onto your piece using the thin mount and stamps. Press without shifting. If it’s not perfect coverage, don’t worry, we’ll be sanding 

Step 4: Decorate with Winter Adornment 

Choosing Designs: Pick designs from the Winter Adornment Stamp set that complement your words. You can use poinsettias, Christmas roses, or greenery.

Inking: Use stone gray ink or any color of your choice to make the designs stand out.

Stamping: Follow the same method as before to stamp your chosen designs onto the wooden stockings.

Step 5: Final Touches

Sanding: Lightly sand the stocking for a more rustic look. Drill a ½ inch hole in the heel side for hanging.

Sealing: Apply a flat sealer to protect your work.

String your stockings with ribbon and hang them on your mantel – enjoy! 

If you’re just kicking off your creative journey, have no fear — our Product 101 pages are packed with straightforward techniques to set you up for success. We’re thrilled to accompany you as you explore and create. For more how-tos and creative inspo, make sure to browse through the rest of our blog.

Once you’ve crafted your final piece, share it with our Facebook Creative Tribe! This community is not just a showcase but also a supportive hub for when you hit those creative roadblocks. And remember, your local stockist is always ready to assist with IOD supplies and expert advice. We’re excited to see what you’ll bring to life!

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