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One staple item in Jos and I’s wardrobe is definitely a good graphic tee! If we’re being honest, we own several! Sometimes though, we have a certain look in mind and we can’t find the perfect cut matched with the typography or vibe we’re looking for! So, what do we do? That’s right… we IOD it! 

Check out this quick, no-nonsense graphic DIY Tee tutorial to get you inspired for a wardrobe refresh! You can bring your own vision to fruition and with our alphabet stamps, all-over pattern stamps and masking tools the options are literally endless! 


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Before we hop into the instructions, it’s important to note the order in which you place your stamps down for when you mask! Whatever you want at the forefront of your project you will want to do first, and for this particular tutorial, we want “WILD AND FREE” to be at the front. 😁

Alright, let’s dig in!   

Step 1: Prep for your project

Condition your stamps (if you haven’t already!) to create a micro-texture that will stabilize your medium and place something, like a thin mount, in between your shirt to protect the other side.

Step 2: Mount your stamps

Lay your IOD Retro stamps face down on the tee. Take another thin mount (not the one inside the shirt!), hover it over your stamps and firmly press down. 

Flip your newly mounted stamps over so the stamps are exposed. 

Step 3: Apply ink

Apply black decor ink to your stamp pad and begin pressing the freshly-inked pad onto your stamps. Don’t be afraid to use a little extra ink for this, we want the stamp to be nice and juicy so it can make good contact with the textured shirt! 

Step 4: Stamp Shirt

Hover your stamp over the T-Shirt and when you have it in the right spot firmly press down (see a pattern forming here? 😊). Make sure to apply even pressure so the entire stamp comes in contact with the shirt. 

Remember to take this step nice and slow, you’ll thank us later when you have a deliciously even application! 

One hand pressing stamps down firmly

Step 5: Repeat for the remaining text

Repeat steps 2-4 to stamp “AND FREE” onto your tee with our IOD Letterpress stamps.

TIP: Double-check that your thin mount and letters are super clean, this will create the best contact with the sheet. We want those suckers to stay put! 

Small Letter Stamps Being Pressed Down Onto White Tee

Step 6: Mask your design

Mask your newly stamped design by covering it with a thin sheet of plastic(don’t worry, these come with your IOD stamps or you can DIY it with a ziplock bag) to create a delightfully polished and clean look. 

Step 7: Apply Serpentine stamp

Apply ink to your Serpentine stamp, place it over your masked design and press down firmly to transfer the ink onto your shirt (you know the drill)! You can lightly use a brayer to get good contact, but it’s completely optional! 

Side Note: Something we love about our Serpentine and Catwalk stamps is that they’re one sheet stamps, so you don’t need to remove them from the original sheet. Simple, sleek and easy to use, which is a win-win in our book!

Serpentine Stamp Being Pressed Down Onto White Tee with Black Ink

Step 8: Air Cure and Set

Air cure for 24 hours and heat set with your hot iron on the hottest setting. If you’re afraid of ink transferring onto your iron, you can place a piece of parchment paper down (but we haven’t had any issues with that before)!   

Step 9: Wash and enjoy

Wash and enjoy your new wardrobe addition!!! 🥳 

Wild and Free Text on a white tee with distressed serpentine stamp around it


1. Under a classic blazer with some distressed relaxed fit jeans and low top chucks

2. Paired with a maxi skirt, large hoop earrings and strappy summer sandals

3. For an easy fall look, wear a graphic tee under a cozy cardigan with a pair of skinny jeans, knee-high boots and a long scarf around your neck!

Share in the comments how you would style a graphic tee! Have you made one? Share it! And don’t forget to hook up with a stockist near you or online and get stocked up on some IOD Stamps and Ink for T-Shirt happiness!! 

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