Storr’s and Harrison Signage Tutorial

Hi Lovelies,

Today we are showing how to create some quick vintage signage that will look beautiful in any space!




  • One plank (I am using 12″x 60″)
  • Your IOD decor Transfer (I am using the Storr’s and Harrison)
  • White Chalk Style Paint
  • Sanding Sponge
  • Shop Cloth
  • Sealer

Materials for sign

      1. 1.

        Chose a plank that you would like to use to create your sign, make sure it is a good size for your transfer. Sand the plank until smooth.

Sanded plank

      1. 2.

        Using a clean, dry shop cloth, wipe down the plank to remove all the dust left from sanding. Making sure it is smooth and dry.


      1. 3.

        Apply a nice smooth coat of chalk paint (I’m using Annie Sloan’s Old White) with brush strokes in different directions rather than just back and forth.

Apply chalk paint to plank

Apply a generous coat of chalk paint.

      1. 4.

        Allow paint to dry completely, until it is no longer ‘tacky’ to the touch.

      1. 5.

        Line up your transfer on the plank, cutting as needed to fit. Do not remove backing until you are ready to use the transfer to avoid dirt and dust.

Trim the transfer to fit your plank, if needed.

      1. 6.

        Tape down your transfer, once it is placed where you want it, to keep it from shifting while applying.

Tape your transfer in place to avoid slipping.

      1. 7.

        Apply transfer to the plank, make sure to get all areas of the transfer onto plank before removing film.

Apply transfer

      1. 8.

        Gently distress your transfer with a sanding sponge.  Start with a little at a time until you’ve achieved the desired look.

Using a sanding sponge, lightly distress transfer.

      1. 9.

        Using your clean dry shop cloth, gently wipe away any dust left from sanding.

Gently wipe off any dust left from sanding.


      1. 10.

        Apply a wax sealer or waterproof sealer, based on where you are going to place the sign.

Apply sealer to protect the finish.


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  1. Rosie on May 27, 2018 at 8:43 pm

    Very frustrating trying to locate a local retailer in Indiana. I really enjoy your products and tutorials, but unable to purchase many of the materials you showcase. Thanks

  2. Regilla on June 28, 2018 at 8:12 am

    Hi Sally, I’m sorry, but I totally agree with Rosie. (The lady that wrote the comment before me). I live in southern California and using your locator I couldn’t find any brick and mortar retailer if not an hour drive from where I live (zip code 92653) . I like your products, but I am not going to drive 2 hours to get it, especially not knowing what kind of inventory the store has. The list of retailer online is even worst! Did you check their websites lately? Most of them do carry only their own stuff, some made with just a couple of your articles, others position your product in their website where it takes forever to find, to then find out they have very little inventory if not at all, other sites are not even online or very poorly made and with an absurd discrepancy in the pricing and no written size of the transfers anywhere! (How can I buy a transfer without knowing the size?). I had to check more than 30 websites all over the country to find a decent one! VERY frustrating! I spent hours! I decided not to purchase your products until they will be more widely available. During all this unnerving and frustrating experience my recurring thought was: WHY DON”T THEY SELL THEIR OWN PRODUCTS ON THEIR OWN WEBSITE? I just wanted to let you know because I think your transfers are brilliant and I like your taste, but I’m sure very few people will try to look for your products online for hours to buy them! Many will give up. I believe you created your transfers to make a profit, didn’t you? Thank you for your time. Please excuse my not so perfect English, it is not my first language. Sincerely, Regilla.

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