White Christmas Wall Art with the IOD O Christmas Tree Mould

White Christmas Wall Art with the IOD O Christmas Tree Mould Pin Cover
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Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? In this video tutorial, Sweet and Sassy Treasures will take you through the steps to create a heartwarming piece of wall art featuring our coveted O Christmas Tree Mould in white and silver, framed beautifully and adorned with messages to remind us what the holiday season is truly about. So you can bring that white Christmas inside your home without the wait! 

Alright, grab your IOD supplies from your local stockist, and let’s get those hands making something beautiful today!!

O Christmas Tree, DIY Wall Decor

Sweet and Sassy Treasures

The Steps

  1. Base Coat Your Board

The first step is painting the plywood board with a coat of white mineral-based paint.

  1. Add Your Background Decoupage 

Once the paint dries, lay the foundation with decoupage paper, using a decoupage medium of your choice.

  1. Set up a Frame for Your Tree 

Using scrap lumber, build a wooden frame around where the Christmas tree will be placed.

  1. Cast Your Tree

Create a detailed Christmas tree casting in the O Chirstmas Tree mould using resin. Then paint it white with a touch of beigey-gray.

  1. Add Memorable Quotes 

Next to the tree, add heartwarming quotes of your choice, like “Be a light in the darkness” and “All Christmas trees are perfect.”

  1. Make it Sparkle 

Instead of overdoing it, thoughtfully apply German glass glitter to just the tops of the tree branches using Pentart pouring glaze. This gives the tree a glittery touch, elevated for extra depth.

  1. Aging the Frame

Using vintage photo ink and a blending tool, age the frame to give it a rustic look.

  1. Final Touches

Dry brushing with white paint brings all elements together cohesively.

  1. Sealing

A generous coat of sealer ensures the longevity of your piece.

The project involves a good amount of detailed work but, believe us, the end result is worth the effort. It’s an art piece you’ll be proud to display or even a gift to a loved one.

If you’re just kicking off your creative journey, have no fear — our Product 101 pages are packed with straightforward techniques to set you up for success. We’re thrilled to accompany you as you explore and create. For more how-tos and creative inspo, make sure to browse through the rest of our blog.

Once you’ve crafted your final piece, share it with our Facebook Creative Tribe! This community is not just a showcase but also a supportive hub for when you hit those creative roadblocks. And remember, your local stockist is always ready to assist with IOD supplies and expert advice. We’re excited to see what you’ll bring to life!

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  1. Karen Lulay on October 2, 2023 at 5:05 pm

    Do you know of anywhere I can get the Holly Glen Christmas transfer? I was able to get the Candy Cane, but can’t find the Holly Glen. Will there be a second shipment going out before Christmas? Thank you for you beautiful products and all your videos. KarenLulay

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