New IOD Paint Inlay Designs for 2021

In Fall 2021, Sally and Josie (the IOD Sisters) revealed a new patent-pending DIY product category – IOD Paint Inlays. They’re not a rub-on decal; they’re not a synthetic film; they’re not a decor transfer and they’re not decoupage papers. 

When you apply an IOD Paint Inlay, paint is physically embedded into the surface of your project. After drying, the carrier paper is removed, leaving an authentic painted design and a buttery, almost leather-like surface on your piece. Use on paint, fabric, or glass. Each IOD Inlay includes eight 12″ x 16″ sheets and you can typically get 2-3 uses out of each inlay.

IOD Paint Inlays can be purchased exclusively from approved IOD retailers. Find one near you using our store locator.

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2021 IOD Paint Inlay Designs

Grisaille Toile Paint Inlay

Inspired by a textile fragment dating back to the late 1700s, you’ll love the simple elegance of Grisaille Toile. It’s colored in shades of gray in keeping with the classic Grisaille monochromatic technique, making it the perfect complement to a range of paint colors.

Rose Chintz Paint Inlay

Featuring delicate vines of pink and white florals reminiscent of classic patterned chintz, you’ll swear these sweet flowers were meticulously hand-painted in detail to your furniture and other DIY home decor projects! 

Indigo Floral Paint Inlay

This Paint Inlay highlights a mix of artisanal florals in indigo blue similar to those found in flow blue china and delft ceramics.


IOD Paint Inlays are made from proprietary artist-quality paints that we formulated specifically for decorative use. Organic in nature, the Paint Inlays transfer the painted design yielding a slightly varied and uniquely beautiful aesthetic each time they’re used. 

The results are visually interesting, texturally complex, and often inherently distressed. The paint formula is ‘active’ until sealed. That means that you can manipulate it and apply special techniques or a custom touch before you seal your piece. 

To learn more about how to use IOD Paint Inlays, watch the tutorial below.

Stay tuned for more IOD Paint Inlay designs in 2022!

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  1. Janis Glatzel on December 29, 2021 at 12:26 pm

    Am so thrilled to get started on my previously done Annie Sloane pieces. Starting with the stamps to dress up the drawers on my pieces. Can I still use over the white wax? Also read that a mix of paint and ink works well…any further recommendations as this is my very FIRST TIME using this technique. All pieces done with Annie Sloane products. Thank you and Happy New Year.

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