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We are sisters who grew up with parents who were hippies and sellers, upcyclers and life figure-it-outers.

They taught us to be resilient and resourceful.

They taught us how to be artists.

They taught us that there is hardship and joy woven together into every person’s tapestry that can be expressed through creativity.

Most of all they taught us what it means to not be perfect.  How to ask for forgiveness and how to give it.

There is a strength in the vulnerability it takes to be truly and wholly seen despite our imperfections. This is where we get our name Iron Orchid and it is core to who we are.


1. Everyone is creative and created to be so by the Creator himself.

2. The ability to take something discarded and make it beautiful is a gift.

3. If something is worth making, it’s worth making beautifully.

4. Failure is a lovely part of the process, embrace it and look for happy accidents.

5. Like blue jeans vintage never goes out of style.

6. Handmade is always better and imperfections make it perfect.

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