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With a mom who dragged them to roadside junk piles and hole in the wall thrift stores, Josie Celio and Sally Griswold grew to love all things vintage and DIY, long before it was trendy.

Josie has been happily married to her high school sweetheart, Aaron, since 1988. Together, they have 6 beautiful children and a homestead with several farm animals. Sally and husband Wayne have been happily married since 1994 and live in their suburban home with their 6 lovely children, and a chocolate lab named Beau.

Together with their husbands, they've turned their life-long passion into a business - Iron Orchid Designs, a brand through which they get the privilege of teaching, building community, and developing innovative DIY products for their people (that’s you).

The name "Iron Orchid" is symbolic of the essence of a woman, with the strength of Iron and the delicate vulnerability of an Orchid. The IOD sisters believe everyone is uniquely created to create uniquely and they aim to inspire, empower and encourage them to do just that.



  • Everyone is creative and created to be so by the Creator himself.
  • The ability to take something discarded and make it beautiful is a gift.
  • If something is worth making, it’s worth making beautifully.
  • Failure is a lovely part of the process, embrace it and look for happy accidents.
  • Like blue jeans, vintage never goes out of style.
  • Handmade is always better and imperfections make it perfect.
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Our mission At Iron Orchid Designs (IOD), we are driven by our passion to inspire and empower women to embrace their creative identity. We believe that every individual possesses the innate ability to create, regardless of their perceived talent or skill. This is because we were created by God in His image and He is a creative God. Through our innovative tools and products, including transfers, moulds, stamps, and paint inlays, we aim to challenge the status quo in the creative industry. By prioritizing independently owned boutiques and fostering a close-knit community, we create a nurturing environment where beginners and advanced creators alike feel welcome, loved, and supported. Our thoughtfully crafted designs transcend time, ensuring that your creations embody a level of designer quality that will be cherished and admired for generations to come.. Join us as we journey together, connecting through community and encouraging one another to embrace the joy of creation.

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