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Maybe you, like us, are “idealistic”. Maybe you believe that local, independent business and the connected community that it sustains, is in danger. Maybe you also believe, fiercely, that it can thrive, IF we the people who are at the helms of commerce, are intentional about changing up our game and rising to the occasion. We believe this. These things we believe actually shape our business model.

Could it be that you are our people?
Do you have a desire to serve your customers with excellence and heart?
Do you have a passion for creating?
Do you believe that everyone is creative and that it is a privilege to guide them in that discovery?
Do you believe that through a connected and family-like community of stockists, it’s possible to support one another with a mindset of abundance and collaboration?
Do you prioritize integrity?

These are the things that are important to us. And we endeavor to be rigorous in finding the stockists who are like minded about these ideals.
If they do not resonate with you, it’s ok, we’re not for everyone.
If, on the other hand, your pulse quickens at the thought of daring to challenge the status quo and serving with excellence, then come on in, the water’s just fine. Let’s get that app filled out and start the par-tay.


IOD currently distributes their own products for the USA. If you're requesting an account outside of the US, you may have your own distributor! To find out who your distributor is, and submit an application, please see the Distributors and Applications page.


 Please allow two weeks for processing. Thank you