Five ways to the IOD Trompe L’oeil Bleu Paint Inlay

Five ways to the IOD Trompe L’oeil Bleu Paint Inlay Pinterest Pin Cover
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We’re absolutely charmed by this delightful collection of five projects using the IOD Trompe L’oeil Bleu Paint Inlay by Sonnet’s Garden Bloom. Each of the items Sonnet transforms in her video are curb finds or thrifted pieces, wonderfully illustrating how we can breathe new life into discarded items — a beautiful act of creativity that’s also kind to our planet!

Sonnet will show you five distinct projects: an antique breadboard, a vintage suitcase, a classic teapot, an old drawer, and a charming chair. It’s a great way to see what techniques she uses to apply the paint inlay over different materials. 

As she deftly guides us through the process, Sonnet shares her tips on cutting inlays for versatile use. She highlights one important lesson: remember to avoid accidentally sealing the inlay with top coat if you are applying the inlay into top coat. It’s a simple mistake you might make that can complicate the removal process (or make it impossible!). Despite facing this challenge, Sonnet skillfully managed to salvage her project with a little elbow grease, and the results are nothing short of darling!

Five ways to the IOD Trompe L’oeil Bleu Paint Inlay

Sonnet’s Garden Blooms

Sonnet’s experience is a gentle reminder that perfection isn’t the goal in our creative endeavors. Even the pros have their hiccups! So, if you find yourself facing a mistake, don’t be disheartened. Instead, embrace it as a part of the process and continue to let your creativity shine. Don’t let it cramp your style!

Alright, grab your IOD supplies from your local stockist, and let’s get those hands making something beautiful today!!

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