New Product Release: IOD Holiday Collection 2023 Stamps

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IOD Holiday Collection 2023

Watch the full 2023 Holiday Collection playlist on our YouTube channel, which has lots of project tutorials to get those creative juices flowing with the new release items!

Winter Adornment

Our stockists have been buzzing about this one, and trust us, it’s worth the hype! Meet Winter Adornment, a versatile stamp that feels like a love letter to nature itself—think sprawling wreaths filled with wild, rugged beauty, all captured in a timeless vintage illustration style.

Why are we so excited about this? Well, it couldn’t be more in sync with the woodland and nature-inspired Christmas that are on trend right now. The best part? This stamp is your creative playground. Imagine building your own intricate wreaths or simply elevating your gift-wrapping game with some classic black-on-kraft color combo (ooh, we just pictured Pretty in Plaid in with that mix and got the giddies!). Winter adornment can be used all season long, not just for holidays – so make sure you get this one for your stash!

Project Use

Where Winter Adornment really shines is in its incredible buildability. You’re not just limited to creating wreaths; the individual elements can be assembled into garlands, sign borders, or accents. Imagine these designs gracing the bottom of an apron, adorning throw pillows, or adding a rustic touch to trays and table runners. From porch décor and door hangers to crafty wrapping paper and heat-embossing on glass, this stamp is a winter go-to. And for our sugar artists, it’s perfect for stamping on winter-themed cakes!

Christmas Kitties

We went all in on the cute this Christmas! In our Holiday Collection, as in our holiday home decor, we give ourselves permission to go a little rogue. These are still grounded in vintage illustration style, but we know how many people love kittens and how kittens and Christmas just go hand in hand – so we thought, why not? 

We also made sure you have some versatility with different breeds represented – you will have so much fun with these darlings! 

Project Use:

This set is a must-have for animal lovers, transcending style limitations. But really, who could possibly resist the allure of tiny, adorable kittens? Opt for a vintage vibe by using tone-on-tone stamping on craft-colored cardboard or wood, and add an earthy touch by hanging your creation with hemp or jute, bound with red embroidery floss for that parcel-perfect ornament. For those leaning towards the mod, go for a black-on-white color scheme to achieve a funky, retro-twist aesthetic. Alternatively, let your inner Warhol shine by stamping kittens in different primary colors, creating a whimsical pop-art piece that will make your Christmas season utterly purr-fect.

This set would be darling paired with our alphabet stamps to create a fun door hanger, for a touch of pattern with your kitties, how about trying our pretty in plaid stamp


Christmas Pups

And, of course, we can’t talk about Christmas kittens without mentioning their festive canine counterparts—Christmas Pups! In the spirit of inclusivity, we’ve featured a range of breeds. In fact, the top-left pup pays homage to Betty, a Cavapoochon, who is the beloved fur baby of our Production Manager, Chris.

These adorable kitten and puppy stamps are more than just creative tools for yourself; they make fantastic gifts for the animal lover in your life. Or what about donating to your local animal shelter or rescue!? Imagine the charm they’d add to adoption go-home bags or even as part of a Christmas-themed fundraiser!

Josie’s family loves crafting homemade gifts like fudge for their local delivery drivers, and these stamps are the perfect finishing touch on gift bags or cards. Overflowing with cuteness, this set is a surefire way to sprinkle a little extra joy and mischief into your Christmas celebrations, particularly for the youngsters in your life.


Project Use:

All the things you can accomplish with the Christmas Kittes, you can do with the Christmas Pups, and vice versa (but shhhh, don’t tell the kittens that!). From cozy throw pillows and tea towels to festive porch decorations like Merry Christmas door hangers, these stamps can do it all. In the kitchen, stamp oil-based food coloring onto royal iced sugar cookies, offering a delightful splash of red and green on white. And wrapping paper! For an all-over pattern, leave all the stamps on the sheet they came on, ink them up, and stamp away. 

Portobello Road

The driving aesthetic behind Portobello Road is inspired by the Dickensian-style Christmas villages. However, the true muse for this set is Sally and Josie’s late Grandpa Browne, a remarkable man who was not only a brilliant historian with a passion for European history but also a gifted brain surgeon. Summers spent at their grandparents’ house were filled with hours of crafting miniatures and dioramas under his guidance. From casting tiny brick panels in plaster and silicone moulds to building intricate villages to listening to his captivating, albeit sometimes gruesome, stories ranging from scandalous royal affairs to battlefield surgeries—they cherish those childhood moments with their grandpa.

We might have gotten a bit carried away with the details, but who could blame us? We’ve included various stone styles, doors, and windows, along with countless accessories. You have the option to craft your village using 4×4 lumber cut to lengths and add roof angles with a miter saw, or go green by repurposing milk cartons for an upcycled village. Just imagine slicing out windows with a craft knife and placing fairy lights inside for that magical glow!

Project Use:

For the creative home decorator with a penchant for styles ranging from Farmhouse and French Vintage to Classic Eclectic, our Portobello Road stamp is a dream come true. These stamps are best used in tandem with masking techniques to craft individual houses or to create detailed, panoramic scenes on small furniture pieces and various decor items.

Adorn your mantle with charming wooden house sets or create a panoramic wood plank Christmas village sign. Some other ideas – architectural-style prints, watercolor scenes, and even large iced gingerbreads stamped to resemble houses. ( Because our stamps are food safe, you could use the stamp to impress into gingerbread dough, and then trace with white icing! ) Or how about darling Dickensian village throw pillows to seasonal ornaments and gift wraps?


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