IOD Peonies Stamp – April 2021 Iron Orchid Designs New Product Release

So many possibilities with the new IOD Peonies Stamp!

This clear, two-sheet stamp set is designed to compliment both modern and vintage decor styles with its clean lines.

Each element of the set, from the buds to the blossoms to the leaves, can be combined in an infinite number of ways. This means each piece of DIY home decor you make using this stamp becomes its own unique piece of art.

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To buy the IOD Peonies Stamp, please find an IOD stockist near you by clicking here.

Next Level DIY Floral Decor with the IOD Peonies Stamp

If distinctive decor is your aspiration (or you’re just having fun exploring your creativity), this stamp will allow you to explore new looks and techniques.

Watercolor Becomes Child’s Play

This latest collection of floral IOD stamps will evoke the artist in you (whether you believe you’re an artist or not… we know you are!). Perhaps watercolor wasn’t something you thought you had the ‘skill’ for, but we’re about to prove you wrong.

Here’s your chance at a one-on-one mini art lesson with Josie. Watch below and listen to learn just one of the many ways to create with IOD Peonies.

And watercolor isn’t just for DIY wall art

Pull out the drawers of your painted dresser or other furniture and arrange them drawer front side up (so that the fronts are parallel to the ground. Stamp, seal, and use this watercolor technique. Let dry and seal again. Put the drawers back in the dresser and admire your one-of-kind, watercolor-painted piece of furniture.

Next level interior design and DIY home decor possibilities

A Collection of Stamps Optimized for IOD Impressed Techniques

The lines and composition of this stamp are specially designed for impression techniques. This means that the ridges of the design are deeper so you get a crisper two-dimensional image when pressing it into troweled paint, air dry clay, or a joint compound medium.

Other mediums you can use with the IOD Peonies Stamp

As with all our stamps, you can use IOD Decor Inks, decor paints such as chalk, clay or mineral-based paints, edible gel paste (think easy cookie and cake decorations), and embossing powder. For more on how to use these mediums, as well as the prep and care for your stamps, check out this “How to Use IOD Stamps” basics.

And don’t forget, in addition to furniture, you can stamp on fabric (curtains, upholstery, lampshades, tapestries), on walls, on fondant and royal icing, on plates and mugs… the better question might be, “what can’t you stamp on?” 😆

Reusable Masks for IOD Stamps

With every new stamp set, you get a compatible set of washable masks that you can use on project after project.

What are masks? In craft and decor stamping, you use a mask when you want to create layers without disrupting the original stamped image. The mask covers the original image so that no impression is made on top of it when you continue to stamp in that same area. This keeps your stamped designs crisp and clear.

To learn more about the masking technique, check out this tutorial



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  1. Tela Long on May 18, 2021 at 8:55 pm

    gorgeous…just gorgeous….i’ll be ordering for sure

  2. Cindy Baker on June 16, 2021 at 7:24 pm

    I love love love the Peonies AND the Chrysanthemums stamps! I can think of so many places to use them!

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