Collage de fleurs IOD Transfer 8x12 Pad™

Collage de fleurs IOD Transfer 8x12 Pad™



Collage De Fleurs Transfer

8 Pages, 12”x16”, Full Color 

Meet Collage De Fleurs, a collection that takes its cue from the French "Coller," to glue or stick together. This set celebrates blossoms in all their glory – big, bold, and undeniably beautiful (yes, we love BIG blossoms, and we cannot lie! 😉). With minimal stems, these grandiose blossom heads offer so much creative freedom. Envision pairing them with elegant typography, adorning a thrifted lampshade with a rustic wood base, or creating beautiful wall decor and charming trinkets! With eight 12” x 16” sheets brimming with florals, our smalls crowd is going to be just giddy with how much they can create from this set! 

Collage De Fleurs is very intentional about its stylistic versatility. Whether your heart beats for the quaint charm of an English Cottage, the whimsy of Cottage Core, or the bold flair of Eclectic decor, this set adapts seamlessly. Especially as you choose different background colors to evoke different styles, this set is ready to harmonize with any colorful vintage palette and make your space sing.

A full sheet of trailing ivy invites your designs to wander, to flow, to connect harmoniously without crowding. Arrange them, let them meander, or cluster them for impact. And when it comes to using with our other IOD products, picture pairing it with the elegant lattice from our Veranda Stamp. And what about mixed media with our Pastiche Stamp set? These blooms would look lovely in those stamped cloches! 😍 

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