Joie des Roses IOD Transfer 8x12 Pad™

Joie des Roses IOD Transfer 8x12 Pad™



Joie Des Roses Transfer 

8 Pages, 12”x16”, Full Color 

Introducing Joie Des Roses, a transfer collection that whisks you away to the elegance of the Renaissance era, blending muted colors with playful touches. This set is all about joy and sophistication, with mandarins adding a fresh, whimsical note to the classic rose motif. 

Pair Joie Des Roses with our Le Courrier or Kindest Regards stamps for a layered collage effect. Opt for tone-on-tone stamping for a subtle watermark feel, or add contrast with a touch of black. 

Designed for versatility, Joie Des Roses transforms large furniture pieces - think dressers, armoires, hutches, buffets - into artistic statements. It's equally captivating on smaller items like lamps or ginger jar-style bases. 

Try something unconventional with Joie Des Roses. Instead of applying centered on your large furniture, use the transfer on opposite sides (flipped) for a fresh take on layout and composition. Consider pairing it with the Veranda Stamp lattice stamped in muted tones in the background.

Joie Des Roses is a celebration, perfectly at home in settings from French country to Traditional and English Cottage interiors. We hope you love her as much as we do! 

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