New Product Release: IOD Summer Collection 2023 Stamps

From traditional interiors to maximalist and bohemian styles, the versatility of the IOD Summer Collection Stamps knows no bounds. Whether you’re working on furniture, small decor pieces, fashion projects, or creating stunning stationery and art vignettes, this collection has got you covered.

All IOD products can be purchased from an authorized stockist. To find one near you, check out our store locator. If you’re new to IOD Stamps, check out this post to learn the basics.


Watch the full 2023 Summer Collection playlist on YouTube, which has lots of project tutorials to get you going with all the new release items.


Adornment Stamp

Prepare to be enchanted by the exquisite details of the Adornment Stamp. This collection is a nod to the first generation of IOD decor stamps, upgraded with a twist. With integrated ends for seamless joints, the versatility of these trims knows no bounds. From furniture to small decor, such as lampshades and throw pillows, or even adding a touch of elegance to your wall art and even directly on your walls, these timeless designs will elevate your projects with a touch of elevated design that will never become dated.

Adornment Stamp on wall
Adornment Stamp on table
Provided by Pickin’ Boots Vintage

Pennsylvania IOD Stamp

Pennsylvania IOD Stamp

Ah, one of our favies (are we allowed to have favorites!?). We are simply captivated by the rich heritage of Pennsylvania folk art. This stamp draws inspiration from the Fraktur art of the Pennsylvania settlers, featuring intricate illuminated illustrations often found on birth and marriage certificates. With its versatile style, you can embrace the traditional folk motif or go your own direction by using bold colors and unstructured compositions. Imagine it adorning graphic tees or jeans for a funky boho vibe, or quickly adding a touch of charm to your interior decor! It’s also simply lovely with watercolor and other mediums so don’t forget to include these in your mixed-media projects! Oh and as always, we’ve thought of the details, we made sure to have facing stamps so you can use these in the traditional symmetrical composition. 

We know this one is going to be a staple in your IOD collection!

IOD Concept Image featuring IOD Pennsylvania Folk Stamp
Pennsylvania IOD Stamp
Provided by Old to Ooh La La

Reverie IOD Stamp

Remember the beloved Friffery stamp? Well, get ready to fall in love all over again with Reverie! Building upon the classic Renaissance vibe, we’ve added more flourish and versatility. The angel motif takes center stage, surrounded by delicate flourishes and buildable elements. You can create stunning compositions, frame inspirations, and bring life to various interior styles. Whether your heart beats for classic English interiors or dramatic gothic revival, Reverie will make your artistic visions come to life.

IOD Concept Image featuring IOD Reverie Stamp
IOD Concept Image featuring IOD Reverie Stamp
IOD Concept Image featuring IOD Reverie Stamp

Rural Scenes IOD Stamp

Transport yourself to the timeless French countryside with the Rural Scenes stamp. This design pays homage to the hand-painted furniture of the past, evoking a sense of rustic charm and nostalgia. Picture it enhancing your eclectic English interior, mixing effortlessly with florals for a traditional or cottage style. Whether you opt for the classic saturated hues or lean toward a neutral palette, Rural Scenes will add a touch of countryside elegance to any project.

Pro Tip: Masking is essential for this set! Number your masks on the back with Sharpie and keep them organized (you’ll be glad you did). Our friend Shannon of Pickin’ Boots Vintage even made you a short video showing you how!

IOD Concept Image featuring IOD Rural Scenes Stamp
Provided by Pickin’ Boots Vintage

We’ve poured our passion for artistry and creativity into every single product in this collection. But here’s the secret sauce: you’re the ingredient that brings it all to life. We’ve carefully designed these items to empower you to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. The real magic happens when you put your hands to work, breathing life into these designs and creating beautiful things that are uniquely yours. We can’t wait to witness the artistry that will unfold in your hands, and we’re here for you every step of the way in the Creative Tribe and on our YouTube Channel.   


Check out our product catalog to see the complete collection of IOD Stamps. To purchase IOD products, find a stockist near you.

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    Rose mould for ceramic projects!
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